Friday, 23 May 2008

Noise pollution and cultural sensitivity

In response to sending her a copy of my letter to The Jakarta Post, AF suggested that I use the pseudonym, Ibn Warraq.
Well it seems that someone else has taken over this pseudonym. I agree with what they say about Muhammad al Warraq [1]. That is my view – although I am enjoying being a hypocrite – it allows me to drop stones into the pond which I would not otherwise be able to do. If people know what the original al Warraq stood for they might not accept what I am trying to say. So that is why I'll stick to Rafiq Mahmood for the moment.
My letter is all due to a constipation headache. I went to try to sleep in the evening when this cacophony erupted from the mosque opposite. If someone had given me a bomb to throw I would have thrown it. I wanted an outlet for my anger so I wrote the letter, I felt better and the noise stopped.
I have a list of stupidities that I want to kick against – huge cigarette advertising and babes in arms on motorbikes are next.

Saturday 24 May 2008

Oh, another thing. This morning I dreamed that I met some religious scholars and asked them about compulsion in religion. They said that, yes, sure they agreed with it, of course. But once some people were complaining about what people were saying so we felt that some restrictions were necessary. ‘Hmm,’ I said, ‘so when the Qur’an says something and people object we can change what the Qur’an says? I thought the book was inviolable.’ Then I woke up.

Sunday 25 May 2008

AF thought it would be nice if I continued the dream the next night to find out what happened.
I'm not sure I want to. It will probably be something like, ‘Of course it is! How dare you suggest otherwise! Off with his head!’