Friday, 13 June 2008

Joint Decree on Ahmadiyya

She wasn’t immediately able to read the documents and wanted a summary.
Essentially what has been happening is that there has been agitation to ban the Ahmadis in Indonesia. The government have been threatening to issue a decree and have finally done so. As you may remember I was (until a couple of weeks ago!) an Ahmadi – although a very unconventional one. The decree doesn't actually ban the Ahmadis but is supposed to prevent any activities which upset the madcap mullahs.
The decree is such a load of hogwash and the worst piece of law ever written. I have made an analysis of its provisions and tidied up the English translation. You might find it fun to read. Of course I haven't been exposed to Iranian law or other bits of Indonesian law so my assessment might be incorrect. What is astonishing is that it seems that the Attorney General of Indonesia (the decree was made jointly by the Minister for Religious Bigotry, the Attorney General and the Home Minister) has not had any legal training at all. Everything about the stupid document contravenes every possible principle of logic and law.
I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that there is something severely wrong with the brains or education of most of the Muslim world.
I have to fight this thing. Stupidity must be fought.